Shooting Pain In Toes

Introduction: what is shooting pain in toes?

Shooting pain in the toes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as creeping tendons, bunions, and bursitis. However, it is usually the result of repetitive stress on the toes caused by exertion on the foot or working with materials that are not properly aligned.

People who work in computer work stations often experience this type of pain and also toenails.

Shooting pain in the toes is not very common but is certainly not uncommon. If you have shooting pain in your toes, you should visit a doctor immediately.

What are the symptoms of shooting pain in toes?

Shooting pain in toes is a characteristic of fibromyalgia. The pain starts in the middle of the feet and travels up the legs, hands and arms. The pain is constant and can last anywhere from a few minutes to days on end. Symptoms vary from person to person, but often include:

Feeling numbness or tingling in the feet, ankles, legs or hands

Numbness and tingling in the ankles or feet that can affect all five toes

Pain along with numbness and tingling in several fingers, such as:

  • thumb;
  • index finger;
  • pinky;
  • ring finger;
  • little finger
  • Pain along with numbness and tingling in several fingers, such as:
    • ring finger;
    • pointer finger;
    • big toe

Pain along with numbness and tingling in virtually any joint of the body (joints: knee, hip, elbow)

Shooting Pain In Toes

What may cause shooting pain in toes?

Shooting pain in toes isn’t a new problem. It is common and often painful and sometimes debilitating. However, it is also not a disease that is easily cured.

If you are experiencing shooting pain in your toes, you may have a problem with the nerves to your feet that send signals to your brain to control the functioning of your toes (Gibson, 2001). The nerves can be damaged either by injury or by an infection. The damage can result in loss of function of the toes and/or higher extremity muscles (Gibson, 2001).

The pain results from the high level of pressure being placed on the nerve fibers leading to the toe-tips which are wrapped around the toe-tips. When this pressure is removed, this causes pain and/or numbness in these areas (Gibson, 2001).

The common causes of shooting pain in toes are listed below (Gibson, 2001):

  1. Trauma: sports injuries such as sprains or strains; running shoes without sufficient shock absorbers; falls; motor vehicle accidents; industrial accidents; surgery including broken bones or tendon ruptures at any location on the foot; diabetes mellitus; varicose veins; burns or other scalding injuries; vascular diseases including peripheral arterial disease such as diabetes mellitus and varicose veins.
  2. Infections: infections such as fungal infections like poliomyelitis and pneumonia that cause swelling of the joints and infected tissue within them which triggers shooting pain in your toes when walking, jumping from one place to another or when moving from one position to another after sitting for a long period of time (Beattie & Levesque-Frye, 2008).
  3. Malnourishment: malnutrition due to low calorie intake caused by poor diet with inadequate nutrition for growth (such as undernourished infants) or being born prematurely or weighing too little for their size causing swelling of their feet causing shooting pain in their toes which may lead overgrowth in their feet resulting in poor movement patterns (Beattie & Levesque-Frye, 2008).
  4. Diabetes mellitus: diabetes mellitus which damages nerves controlling leg muscles resulting in swelling of lower legs causing shooting pain similar to diabetic neuropathy with tingling sensations felt on top of their feet causing shooting pains while walking at night may lead to weakening lower legs muscle resulting in lower leg weakness feeling similar to diabetic neuropathy with ting

How can you treat pain in toes?

What is the shooting pain in your toes and how can you treat it?

Sound to me like a question you’ve never asked before.

The answer is simple: You may not be able to feel pain in your toes, but you can still take advantage of the gun’s kickback.

So what exactly is happening when a bullet strikes a toe? In this case, it’s not the impact that causes damage, but the force of the kickback. That kickback is brought about by the transfer of energy from an expanding bullet through the skin.  You may think you won’t feel pain with a bullet strike on your toe, but if you do; then it probably means it’s time to sit down and have a talk with your doctor! (Or new doctor of course)

Could CBD serve as pain relief for this pain?

This type of pain is a problem that has plagued all of us at some point or another.

One of the most common treatments for shooting pain in the toes is to apply ice on a bandage. I have heard about people using pre-made poultice packs for shooting pain in the toes and other painful areas, but have never had an experience with them myself.

Anecdotal reports have said that CBD oil could be an effective treatment for shooting pain in the toes, but have yet to find any scientific evidence supporting this claim. Pain relief from CBD oil has been reported in several studies to be as effective as ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol). It is also natural, highly efficient and cheap.


A shooting pain in the toes can be a result of numerous injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, which is a condition where the fascia (the connective tissue between your muscles and your bone) becomes inflamed. If you suffer from this condition, you’ll notice that the area around the toe gives out its own pain as it heals. It’s somewhat common for people to suffer from this injury since it is also known to be one of the most common running injuries.

Alternatively, if you suffer from inflammation on your feet or painful calluses, you could also develop a case of plantar fasciitis. You should visit your doctor if you have felt uncomfortable because of these symptoms.


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