Shooting Pain on the Right Side of the Stomach

One of the most common causes for pain on the right side of the stomach is appendicitis. The appendix, a small organ that hangs from the large intestine, can become inflamed and cause severe pain to shoot down towards the lower right side of the abdomen. If left untreated, this painful condition could lead to an appendix rupture and abdominal peritonitis with life-threatening complications. Fortunately, appendicitis is generally not deadly as long as it is caught early and treated with antibiotics. If you feel a shooting pain on the right side of the stomach, you should seek advise from a doctor.

Treatment of acute appendicitis is largely by surgical removal of the appendix. The appendix is removed to prevent further infection, to remove the appendix, and to prevent the appendix from continuing to cause infection. Doctors use a laparoscope to inspect the inside of the abdomen and look for the appendix. If the appendix is inflamed, a surgeon may remove it with a laparoscope.

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Diagnosis – What is Right Gastric Torsion?

Gastric Torsion of the stomach is an emergency condition that requires treatment by a doctor. The twisting of the stomach makes it impossible for blood flow to reach the tissue.

Doctor’s care for the condition is usually surgical, and the prognosis is guarded if the stomach has been twisted for more than 45 minutes. If gastric torsion has not been present for more than 45 minutes, the prognosis is much better. If you feel shooting pain on the right side of the stomach it is of crucial importance that you seek medical advise ASAP.

The most common causes of gastric torsion are obesity so the long term solution for the gastric torsion is of course to lose weight, usually a LOT of weight.

Symptoms & Signs of Right Gastric Torsion

The following signs and symptoms may be present:

  • Patient will be unable to swallow, and vomiting will become progressively worse
  • Severe abdominal pain that gets worse as the patient lies down
  • The patient will be unable to drink fluids, and may have a fever
  • Patient may have an elevated heart rate
  • The patient may feel nauseous and vomit bile or brown fluid
  • If you recognize these symptoms, you must get to a doctor to be examined and get advise on what to do.

Causes and Risk Factors of Shooting Pain On The Right Side Of Your Stomach


The stomach is part of the digestive tract and is located in the abdomen. A torsion, or twist, of the stomach usually occurs when the stomach’s blood supply is compromised. When this occurs, the stomach rotates on itself. The fastest treatment for this condition is surgery, but that doesn’t really treat the foundational problem which, if it is obesity, might be that you get too much energy in to your body than what you consume. The long term treatment should therefor be to get rid of the root cause of your gastric torsion – the obesity or over weight.

Stomach torsion is typically caused by a blood supply problem that causes the stomach to rotate on itself.

Treating and Managing Right Gastric Torsion – What You Need To Know

A twisted stomach can be life-threatening, because it blocks the return of the food to the intestine. This leads to vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and dehydration. The condition is called “gastric torsion” or “right gastric torsion.”

If there is no specific cause for gastric torsion, it may be related to aging, eating large meals, obesity or overweight.

We can’t do much about aging. What we can do is to take better care of the body. Losing weight should therefor be a good start. There is an excellent method to loose weight called the LAST Weight Loss. LAST is an acronym that stands for Leveling-Up, Acceleration, Stabilization and Training. LAST was created by a 56 y/o man with heavy overweight. He did his weight loss by testing his way forward in what to do and you can follow what he did and follow his example. What we were struck by is that he at his “best” days could lose up to 1.5 kg per day (3.3 pounds per day) which is amazing. He felt good doing it too. He is in it right now and just opened the gates for a short while, but the web site is closed for the moment.

Here and now you need to get pain relief if you are a victim of gastric torsion.

So you need to get your doctor’s input and advise. If you need pain relief, then the good old CBD Oil or CBDa Oil are also good options for you to endure the day until you have fixed the root cause, unless you choose surgery of course. Your doctor is your best source of information on the matter, although some of them seem to be eager to use their scalpels.

How To Prevent Shooting Pain On The Right Side Of The Stomach For Good

The pain of shooting pain on the right side of your stomach can be jarring and extremely painful. This pain is often caused by the inflammation of the parietal peritoneum which is an abdominal lining.

The first step to preventing this shooting pain on the right side of your stomach is to address the inflammation. The best way, according to some physicians, are to make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

There are also some medications that can be prescribed by your doctor. Follow your doctor’s advise. If you on top of that wants some pain relief that is based on natural medicine in the form of CDB Oil or CBDa Oil which are derived from CDB, then we link to a few such suppliers that have proven to have good products.

In the longer run, if you are obese or overweight, then don’t disregard losing a lot of weight. It will most likely let you live a longer life, a healthier life where you feel good most of the time. Having overweight is painful in itself, getting gastric torsion on top of that can feel like pure h*ll.


Shooting pain on the right side of the stomach ca be a serious matter so always make sure to get in contact with a doctor. While getting there you can always take CBD to relief your pain.


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